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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sydney Kate Good

Sydney Kate 
Your's is the last birthday of the year and you couldn't wait -- you've wanted every day to be YOUR day and yesterday it was!

You came downstairs at 6:00 am singing Happy Birthday to yourself -- not knowing mommy and daddy were sitting on the couch waiting for you.

All day when someone called you sweetie or cutie-pie -- you reminded them you were "the Birthday Girl and you'd flash that "I'm the star of the show" smile.

Pappa and I hurried home from Texas to be able to celebrate with you.  Papa is a favorite with your little buddies.

With your mommy's kitchen still in shambles -- she insisted that it was going to be a great party for a special little 3 yr old.

Your little friend, Olivia came to celebrate with you.

You were the laid back baby and toddler -- always ready for bed -- you'd get baby and blankie and stick your thumb in your mouth and be off to dreamland in no time. 

Your cuddles are oooh so sweet!

You have been the one with the sweet little smile - singin' from the back seat- lovin' life and and watching your big sister for cues.  We love seeing what your curiosity gets you into.

You make up songs about your baby brudder -- and are proud of his accomplishments.

You wag "Baby" every where you go and often times the rest of us have to babysit her while you play.  Just like you're never far from Baby -- you always keep mommy in sight.

Papa is your best buddy and always ready to play jumpy, jumpy --
give elephant rides or ride you on his shoulders

You have your own fashion sense and your mommy is smart in that she let's you express yourself.  Here you are getting yourself dressed for the 5K last month. . . still sporting that Doc McStuffin bandaid from your "boo boo" the night before.

You went upstairs to find your supergirl cape to help you solve a puzzle. . . 

These pictures capture some of our favorite times with you.  They can't begin to say how blessed we are to have you in our lives.  

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