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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I love that verse in Rev. 2 or 3 to "do the things you did at first".  That's sort of what we've had when the girls come over for a play date recently.  They have to do everything they used to do  just to make it real. 

Jack joined us in the morning - as I'm a little better at keeping up with this busy boy!  He always has that precious grin.

Campbell and Sydney have been asking for a sleepover since first of July.  Recently they have been saying, "Nana, I think your boo, boo is better and it's about time for a sleepover" Yesterday we finally did it!   My energy is BACK!  I am feeling as good as I did before things started in early December.

IT was a fun day . . . 

Lunch at Chick Fil A

shopping at Wal-Mart

                                                           Time in the sand castle

PUMPKIN DECORATING - C decided to trace her shoe on the pumpkin????  not sure why? 

Papa built us a fire in the old smoker and we made s'mores outside before baths.

Our morning ritual of hot cocoa as soon as we wake up.  They loved using their momma and uncle Marshall's cups
. . . 
....... I love the SWEET BED TIME ROUTINES ---
stories, prayers, a bunch of hugs and lots of questions --
S:  I just have one question--- why do I have to go to sleep? said one tired little 3 yr. old.
C: "Nana, why is it so much fun to come to your house?"  

WOW kid, that'll get you another invite REAL soon.

I can't wait until this little gal can come visit Nana and Papa for sleepovers

Clara's hospital visit - daddy has had some LONG days.

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