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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GOD Talk

Sydney has prayed to go to preschool for almost a year.  On the first day she walked in the door, turned around to her mother and said, "LEAVE"!

Friday night we were sitting around our kitchen table and I asked her, "Sydney, did you go to preschool yesterday?"

S:  I did and God was there.

J:  Did HE talk to you?

S:  Yes.

So on yesterday as the girls excitedly got together in the car and caught up with each other, 
Campbell asked Sydney,  "Was God at preschool today?"

S:  No.

C:  Where was HE?

S:  He was up in Heaven coloring!

I want to live today knowing HE is up there tuned in to my activities -- like Sydney feels HIM with Hers.

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