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Saturday, September 26, 2015

It Takes A Village

Terry's words at all the help and support of the 5K Susan B. Komen was "It takes a village!"
My "village" turned out to walk, push the double seater bob stroller, buy a shirt, or made a donation.
Some of my teacher friends wore their "Joy for Jan" shirts on yesterday.

Wasn't sure I could make it the whole way.  .  . put on my big girl socks I got from my sister-in-law, Char, and headed out.

When your 5 yr. old granddaughter is walking the first mile holding your hand --you kinda have to suck it up and keep moving!!!

On the way home, Campbell told her Momma, "I think Nana won that race."  We're all winners sweet baby girl, if we can stop this dreaded disease to protect your momma and you and Sydney Kate and Aunt Katie and Baby Clara!!!
I know that's what your Grammy and I want from this. . .

Having friends along the route to talk to --Pam with a hip that is fragile - painful - --Marianne  an 18-month survivor -- my 3 little "Goodletts" and their momma, her friends, Cori and Heather and lots of our Church family who wore shirts and walked -- Ron and Cheri -- thank you bunches!!!

Love this gal!  We've watched her grow into a beautiful woman.  Cori's always been a spark of enthusiasm and lots of laughter!  I so loved being able to catch up with her this morning

Yeah Cademon for running 3 miles with your daddy at the early morning run!!!
Cademon got 2nd place in his division

I loved it,  -Roman doing the walk with his Aunt Renatta -- the day of his birthday party!!!!  WOW

And then from behind came our 3 Obert-thornes with their momma -- Yea -- Rey, Luke and Kennedy it was so good to see you all!

I got to walk and talk for a short trek with Stephanie a young mom I have been praying for -- and she for me.  We share a mutual friend, Cassie who has kept us both informed of the other person's progress.  It was great to be able to meet her!  She's kickin' it!!!

Pit time for the crew!!!  Momma was armed with lots of snacks.  Part of the way momma was pushing all three and uphill at that!
Crossing with my fav #1 Cheerleader -- she planned and organized this whole day!!

Close to the finish line was Mondo, Leeca, her parents, Mike and Neta and their extended family.  Just the push I needed to make it across the finish line!

Our little "Goodletts" make it all GOOD!  

My village, as you've heard me say before, is made up of sooooo many special people who each in their own way have lightened our load.  You make me laugh -- you bring me joy!
I got a "good job grandma" text from Clara yesterday afternoon!

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