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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Just about the time I was gaining momentum - I fell and then got a case of bronchitus - I found myself a few days ago thinking I was never going to feel like my old self.

BUT GOD -- I love those two words -- They are the interuption to all our moaning and groaning -- all our wimpiness --

BUT GOD -- each day sent a reminder that I WAS kickin' it with encouragement from someone and that part of the growth process in all of this was learning to WAIT.

Waiting to heal, 
or the next treatment 
or surgery.  
We've come so far -- so much healing has happened.  

I find that with 2-3 weekly doctor appointments, teaching and general not feeling well -- there hasn't been a lot of time for spontaniety and fun -- getting through a day of teaching and making it home to rest made up most of my days.

Yesterday I got to have the girls for a play day - -- it was oh so good to have them here.  Just listening to their chatter as they played was such good Rx.

Sydney:  God is nice -- We don't want to make him sad.
Me:  What makes him happy?
Sydney:  Children!!!

Campbell:  When you are feeling just a little bit better can we have a sleepover?
Me:  Yes, we'll do that soon
C:  Good, then we can do whatever we want!
Campbell has been known to say, "Nana and Papa's house -- where the answer is always 'Yes"'!

They had to do all the usual things we do.

We had a picnic outside and played in the sand castle -- made cookies and watched kid tv -- and even sewed.  Getting in their world puts it all in the right perspective.  

And pictures of sweet Baby Clara keeps us smiling!

3 weeks!

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