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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love This Job . . .

There's lots of reasons I get up at 5:15and drive the miles I do  to work every day.  I love my job!  One of those reasons I love my job is that I never know what I will hear from my kids that day!!!

Conversation yesterday . . .

Student:  "Mrs. Bell do you know a solvent for superglue?"
>Me: "You might try fingernail polish remover."
Student:  "Nah -- I need something that tastes good".
>Me: Noticing his two fang teeth. . . . "Are you telling me you superglued those teeth?"
Student:  "Yep"

A few minutes later on the phone . . .
>Me to my Dentist's receptionist:  "Could you ask the Dr. what sort of solvent might dissolve superglue?"  . . .No, it's not for me . . .  Who's calling?  Jan Bell -- but I'm not the one who glued the fangs to my incisors. . . . oh, they won't just wear off? . . . he's going to have them ground off?"  Hmmmmmm

Some days are full of surprises!

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