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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Love This Job #2. . .

Oh I do love my job . . . especially the side-bar comments from a parent who was upset at her son's  "D" in my class"    A "D in Home Ec.???" quoting her upset husband, -- "that's like flunking lunch".  At which point I felt the need to defend my teaching, my subject matter and EVEN my profession!  I explained quite succinctly  that, yes you could flunk a life skill's class if you didn't do the work and yes, I do keep them engaged and yes, I expect them to turn in their assignments.!
"Flunk Lunch???"  So WHY do I spend hours getting a lesson planned and hours grading their papers only to have my subject compared to lunch. . . If that's the regard they have for my class at their house . . . might be the reason their student isn't more engaged!.
I could have set her straight  to tell her that we were no longer "Home Economics" but "Family and Consumer Science" which includes an overview of: financial management and investment, decision-making, career planning, job skill training, goal - setting,  personality assessment, value clarification, emotional and physical health, nutrition, child development, relationship development, housing, plus related lab courses in sewing skills and food preparation . .. WHEW!!!-- don't know that it would have done any good.  but it did get a lot off my chest right now!
Better sign off and get to that stack of papers . . . no maybe I'll take the night off and enjoy my hubbie's birthday  ;-)

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