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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Love This Job #3. . .

Today was Pastor and Pizza day with Youth Alive -- 95-100 kids showed up in my classroom, cleaned up on 20 large pizzas and heard an awesome message from Youth Pastor Jeremy Donovan of Destiny Life Church which just opened a satellite Church near school..  He shared with them an interview he'd heard with four 80-90 yr. olds who were asked what they would do over if they could live their lives again.
Two things they said rang loudly with me -- They said:   1.  They would take more risks,  2.  They would do something that would live on after they were gone from this earth.

Makes me wonder . . .
What risks am I willing to take to be involved in something that will last 5, 50 or 500 years after I'm gone or for eternity?

There were other words in Jeremy's message that spoke right to my heart in response to prayers I have prayed for several months.  Words that confirmed that God had heard my prayers.  I realized later that my Father, had tucked those into that message to the teens to give me reassurance and hope.

Thinking back, I could echo Jesus' words   --" Father I thank you that you heard me, you always hear me." John 11:41

And this all happened at work . . . I love this job!!!!

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