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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getaway to the High Places

 That's what Marshall gave us for our birthdays -- yes, remember I DO celebrate for a long time - Terry's is coming up and mine was months ago, and so Marshall booked us a night in the Breckenridge Lodge while he was on call for 36 hours at the hospital..   I rested ---Terry was on a study leave so he spent lots of time at his computer and Marshall worked nonstop at Denver General.  
The drive to and from the mountains was breathtakingly beautiful.  Something about all that vastness makes everything take on different perspective.

Jesus often went away for a time and would retreat
to the mountains.
Did things look different to Him when He came back down?  Something about the heights just automatically makes you look heavenward. . . and then when you have to come back down . . . there is new purpose in what you're about. . . .Marshall did the arranging and God sent the snow!

Marshall had a project waiting for me in case I got bored.  Painted up two walls before we headed up to the high country.

We got in some great time with Marshall and his girlfriend, Katie and were able to spend Sunday afternoon touring downtown Denver by transit train and on foot. With a little help from the kids and Terry's iphone's mapping system we were able to locate the King Tut Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

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