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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Holiday

Campbell and Pappa are big buddies -- He is always willing to walk the floor and explore
It all came and went so quickly we're living in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend-- We loved having Bethany and Mat here for an extended time and the fact they would trust us for an entire day with Campbell Hope while they went to OSU / OU Bedlam game with friends.  They needed the break and we loved having total care of our precious baby girl. --  I  learned a lot about Little Miss C.

She likes:
>being held and prefers you standing up and . . . .
      would like it to be in the garden room in front of the fountain  
              . . . . if her Pappa will take her there
>sticking out her tongue
>feeling new textures
>sleeping with her hands behind her head
>singing - both hers and your's

Campbell dislikes:
>being left out of the party and having to go to
        bed when everybody else is up
>long car rides
>Mommy and Daddy to be away from her
        for very long
>having to wait for her feedings

Thankful for this precious baby girl!

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