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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Love This Job . . .#4

It's that time of the semester when I get to teach 75 students how to sew -- some of whom have never seen a sewing machine. There's the guy who works a lathe and doesn't need any help at all - those are my favorites, and the one who moans and groans loudly from his corner of the room that he's just sure he's gonna sew his finger or the lad who's never sewn but wants to make a kilt for the scottish games -- sheesh -- not to mention the girls who don't have a clue what they're doing. I have one guy who's decided my name is "Beautiful" and refers to me that way as I answer his call for help. I was just about to wrap up the day yesterday with my last class of 23 when one guy hands me four parts to the machine he somehow just dismantled!
Thank you, God, for the few who DO know -- and follow my suggestion of "each one teach one and if you just learned how to wind the bobbin or thread your machine - turn around and help your neighbor". Wouldn't all of life be better if we turned to help the guy next to us when life(or Mrs. B) just taught us a lesson?

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