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Friday, December 3, 2010

I Love This Job . . . #5

It's the end of the semester and that means that it's about time for my Marriage and Family Life Class's mock wedding.  As always a bride and groom and their attendants are selected by the other members in the class.
This year we had a new occurrence.  Unknown to me, one little gal who is challenged in her ability to learn  let it slip that she would really, really like to be this year's bride.  One of the other girls suggested we do this, talked among several in the class and decided that this  would be a special opportunity.  I was so proud of my students as I counted the ballots and then with much pomp and promotion announced the bridal party.  When this quiet and serious young lady heard her name -- she waved her arms wildly in the air and yelled, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU JESUS!!!" THANK YOU, JESUS, I've been praying for this"!!!!

The rest of the class didn't know quite what to think as this little gal, who'd never moved so much or been so loud, wildly thanked her sweet Jesus.  We all sat a little stunned, at first. 

I asked a small cluster of gals Thursday - "Did you have any doubts, after that, that you did the right thing?"
They giggled and  were overjoyed!!!

Her witness came back to me  the  next day -- when I received a "YES" to a prayer over something I had been stewing about and to which I could loudly shout in full volume, THANK YOU !!!!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!

It's a memory I'll keep . . . thanks girls, for helping us all witness a "God thing".

. . . . . .I love this job . . . .

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