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Friday, August 28, 2015

Clara Mary Bell -- We're Blessed!!!!

She's here -- 

Clara Mary Bell -- weighing in at 6#14 ounces 
7:29 Denver, CO. August 27, 2015

We are so in love with this little bundle of wonder -- what a God gift she is to all of us!

Clara Mary you have been our light at the end of the tunnel -- knowing you were soon to arrive -- made everything brighter!!!!

Clara your momma is a rock star -- she has taken care of all of us this Spring, redecorated a condo -- bought a house and got loads of boxes packed and moved --

Your mommy and daddy are the very best and will give you the beautiful life you deserve.  All you have to do is whimper and they'll come running!!!

Clara - Papa and I become more and more excited with each child that's born.  Knowing that you will grow and develop into someone very special.  We can't wait to experience every stage of your life.

Watching your child with their child is one of life's great blessings!!
I loved hearing Marshall's first comments about Clara -
"I didn't know you could fall in love so quickly!"

Here you are already to go home -- your daddy and mommy are READY --


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