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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It's earlier for me -- I've been sleeping longer and later and TOMORROW - I start back to school - back to the 5:30 wake-up.
Last week this fb post reminded me that soon I'd meet my students

Dr. Smith released me on yesterday to start back a short week and then meet it head on next week full schedule. - Between Terry and me we've had 3 doctor visits most weeks (we always go together -- helps to get all our questions answered) That may continue for the next few months -- but HEY, with God doin the healin' we're kickin' it!  We've noticed in all of this how God is our Scheduler and none of Terry's teaching overlaps with all this health business!  

This mornings verse from 1 John 5 where John refers to us as "dear children" relates so completely to what I woke up with.  
Last night we celebrated Mat's birthday and the kids were in high gear.  Campbell is the PARTY PLANNER just like her mother has always been.  She loves to ice cakes, put candles on and set the table.  (Don't know how she missed having balloons) -- but as her tired daddy came in the back door she was all in a dither. . . so excited for his birthday.  She's already planning a pirate birthday for her Papa's upcoming November birthday.

We sat down to eat and as usual they called on Campbell to say the prayer -- she started in her usual,
"Dear Jesus . . ." and then broke into a song/prayer they sing at her preschool. . . singing "God, our Father, God our Father - once again ....."  She's done this before . . . and we all sit wishing we'd turned on our phone recorders while she sings it through so completely -- so sweetly in full volume . . . 
Sydney - sort of rolling her eyes -- because they often fight over who will get to say the prayer first.

Campbell's so focused on Jesus and the other morning early asked her mom if they could start packing for Heaven - saying how badly she wanted to go.  She asked if she could take her stuffed animals (she travels with at least 7 for every sleepover), the house, could we watch TV there (something that is limited at her house) and WHY did Jesus have to be the boss????"

Jack is all boy and is loving the rough and tumble of his two sisters -- he truly is one happy baby.
'Don't know that I've seen a happier little guy!  He adores his momma, crazy about his daddy, loves to giggle at his sisters and
... if you pick him up -- he's your buddy!

Sydney is talks nonstop and so lovingly to all her toys as if they were children. Terry asked Sydney yesterday -- "what do you like about your sister?" -- she quickly responded - "She gives me hugs!" The other day he wanted to know what the best part of her day was -- without hesistation she said "When Neena and Papa came over"
Breaktime for Bethany the other morning as they were so busy building a rocket to Saturn -- firstborn is the First Mate I'm sure.

Yes, it was power hour at the Good house as it is everyday from 4-6 -- but just the energy these two old geezers needed!

So much of what I read in 1 John 5 this morning,  he spoke of us as DEAR CHILDREN --- God sees us just like we see our little "Goodletts" and "Teeny Baby".

18 We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them.19 We know that we are children of God   1 John 5

Remembering whose kid I am . . . desiring a child-like heart today in all my relationships.

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