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Friday, August 14, 2015

First time in 22 years I haven't started school with all my teacher friends!  I was so restless the first two days -- knowing I wasn't there to kick it into full swing.  I know that soon I will be back in the saddle again in school and regret we won't have time to be with the grands as much for our weekly play dates!

Campbell started her first sewing this week!  She was able to stay with it for the longest time-even though she picked a harder project.

 -- We have really missed having our Nana Papa days in last 5 -6 weeks,  The kids are growing so quickly and we always are more aware of it when we have them over.

The other day Campbell remarked:
  "It's always 'yes' at Nana & Papa's house!"  hmmm don't know where that might happen.

Sydney was all snuggles -- ooooh good medicine!

Sydney and Nana were all tuckered out!
The girls love their papa computer time -- it's sloths, squirrels or songs!

Campbell helping out with things I can'd do 

Meanwhile our CO kids are closing on selling Marshall's bachelor pad and yesterday closed on their new house.  They've even bought their first lawn mower!

Moving in has started already and by Tuesday they hope to have everything in place!  
Just in time to welcome "Teeny Baby" in the next few weeks.  To say we're excited is an understatement!

I'm catching up on paperwork and phone calls to businesses I can't do when school is in session and things like staying on line for hours with cable and other utilities - not to mention doctor appointments.  There are 3 this week.

Just when I thought this pain was going to NEVER GO AWAY -- IT'S getting better.

Now to spend the weekend writing lesson plans to make the next few months smoother.

We're still kicking cancer and other ailments around here.  Every day I try something new just to get ready to get back in the swing of things.

Walking is going pretty well - If I'm going to make the 5K Susan Koman - I'd better get it in gear.

God is good!

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