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Thursday, January 22, 2015


In Youth Alive yesterday I posed the question -- "When you get to Heaven which Bible character do you want to meet and what would you ask them?"

Kids said things like 

Noah -- how did you sleep with all those animals?

James- what was it like to be the little brother of Jesus?

Esther -- was she sooo scared when she went in to the King?  HOW beautiful is she, really?

Ruth -- what was it about your mother-in-law that made you want to leave home and follow her?

Someone wanted to ask Baalam  about that talking donkey.

I reminded them that Hebrews 12 tells us we're surrounded by a cloud of these witnesses cheering us on. That not only those we know who have gone on to meet Jesus -- but all those people we read about from thousands of years before -- we're all part of this Forever Family.

I thought about my parents yesterday -- what they would be saying if they were with me -- I know they are in that cheering section in the Heavenlies.  But if she were here -Mom would be reminding me of how God took care of them in every situation as they fought battles with ALS and Muscular Dystrophy.  Dad would say something encouraging to keep me in the fight -- maybe even quoting his favorite verse.  "I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me."  But God has also  given me so many people now - here- praying. I'M IN AWE!

That's the way I felt today -- surrounded by so much love --as I started Chemo #2.

I'm humbled by all the reminders I got this morning that people were praying. Our kids were all texting early - Katie was the first telling me she was praying  --  People far away -- and near --a nurse friend from across the street, already at work, texted to say she was praying.  

I got a hat from my friend Sherry, who texts verses every day -- this hat was knit with prayer for my healing by her daughter Rebecca.

The staff at Tulsa Cancer Institute was incredible as usual.  Terry took care of everything and was right beside me. 

I took my prayer blanket -- the one the ladies in CA made tying knots in it and praying for me as they did.

I believe the verse in James 5 that says we are to pray for one another that WE will be healed --
Healing is not conditional -- but praying for others is commanded --reminding us it is our responsibility to talk to Jesus about all our folks.  Jodie Osteen talks about praying for others during her long battle with liver cancer. Being with others in their situations keeps our focus off ourselves and on HIM.

I asked Him to remind me of all those who were standing for me and I prayed for them and tied MORE knots  -- designating different squares for different people.   Friends taking care of their seriously ill spouses -- momma's raising babies -- friends in remission-- friends and family facing challenges -- for our babies.

It lifted me up in so many ways!   So many loved ones praying -- FOR ME -- that's huge and I am indebted-- getting to pray for them -- was something I COULD do!

 Now, if you're reading this, I'd like to ask you to pray for my "sister in the same situation" -- special family -- Mat's mother -- Jan Good.  She's 11  treatments ahead of me --
Pray for her as she gets a new round of double doses in the coming weeks.
She is same stage of breast cancer as me.  So many similarities. 
We enjoy sharing being g'mas to the 3 little Goods-- now we're linked by this disease.  She's strong.  She's a fighter -- What a champ!

Pray under-girds us with strength and keeps our focus off the momentary complaints - 

I came home from treatment to find a fun box from Angie, a sweet friend who's been in constant prayer -- we shared ministry together 
several years ago-- one strong woman!  Reminding me to keep fighting!

 C.S. Lewis said --  "I don't know that prayer always changes God's mind -- but  Prayer Changes ME".

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