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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Get By With Help From My Family and Friends

One of  Bethany's KC friends made this and used it as a prayer time for our extended familyand the cancer issues three of us are facing.

OK - Let's get it going!!!  The healing is already begun -- let's get the chemo going -- BUT -- I want an ultra sound to see what's been happening in there with people ALL OVER the US praying for me.  I stand amazed  -- and right now am WEEPY -- thinking about the people praying for me.

Monday night was a low point as I looked up the report on my PET scan and it called this cancer extensive.  I had to get my mind around that to manage the fear that wanted to creep up on me.
  I hardly slept last night and I think it was the energy of my friends who spent yesterday  and last night praying for me.

Revelation says that in Heaven that there is a bowl which are the prayers of the Saints -- I don't know if we each have a bowl -- but the "JAN BOWL"  is running over -- God has heard not only my prayers -- but those of so many people in my behalf. -- People who stand in for you when life is whirling so fast with dr. visits and diagnosis that you are numb to the whole process

Jesus tells us the Holy Spirit is always talking to God for us--

.LifePark had special prayers for healing on Sunday -- Mondo prayed over the both of us.  His main point struck a chord with me -- "I will lead you" and he paralleled God's leading Israel as they stood in covenant with him.

God is so good to me!!!   During this time he has sent the most precious people into my life.

Terry has been my rock beside me and my kids are standing with us helping in so many different ways.  It is hard to watch your kids
in pain for you.  All four have taken care of our every need!

A teacher friend  who referred me to my surgeon who tells me she's been praying non-stop  ...  I must be on the prayer list in at list a dozen DIFFERENT churches.

Two friends who went through this last year --  one going through it now

An AP Psych  teacher friend who promises to cut her hair shorter than mine in this whole process is standing on prayer.-- thinking maybe we can both work in a hat day for ourselves LOL if we get it REALLY short.

Our secretary who made the most scrumptious meatballs and scalloped potatoes for several meals and even brought the zip-lock bags to freeze a bunch!

My soul sister who is fasting for me as I start my treatments.

A friend in TX who wakes me up with verses she's texting
My friend in India right now praying with her parents who pray over EVERYTHING --

My childhood and oldest friend praying for me- checking in -- reminding me I can DO THIS.

Friends who are caring for family members have a special empathy and pray for this process

Marinelle always checking on me and offering to help in so many ways

I've mentioned many of  these sweet women before -- but they have NEVER given up -- 
My principals who are praying and standing strong.

 Youth Alive Leadership team members stopped by my classroom yesterday to wish me well and say they are praying -- when kids pray it makes me weepy ---
-- Nathan a leader from two years ago on college break stopped by -- so good to see him -- he's going to lead it today.

And my dear sweet friend and hairdresser, Joelle, at Enrique's at 101st and Yale cropped my hair yesterday and prayed for no adverse side effects. She prayed -- I agreed -- We like this short haircut and are standing in agreement to KEEP my hair during this process.  :-)  She gifted the whole process-- saying that it's a ministry she and her husband do. 

My morning blogs get a bit long -- but they are such a help as I reflect on what God is doing and has done. He brings thoughts to mind from verses that "shore me up" for the day. 

I'm thinking of his name ABBA and El Roi today.

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