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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dora -- no I mean--- Campbell, the Explorer

Now that Campbell Hope can get anywhere she chooses,  - she has begun exploring . . .  and found you can get your own snacks by rifling through the diaper bag. 

Campbell now knows  that when Momma puts you down for a nap -- there lots to do instead! 

She has emptied the little shelf at the head of her bed, by taking the
objects off it and putting them in her crib . .. .

Sunday she discovered that there's a whole big world outside her nursery by pulling herself to have a "look see" and stood for an hour -- not knowing how to set herself down and fall asleep.  She decided to yell for Mom.
Even busy little girls have to take a nap sometime.  She finally gives it up after sitting it out for quite awhile

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