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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Good Girls Came to Town!

We captured Papa for our getaway to Hideaway Pizza  Friday Night

 Bethany and Campbell Hope arrived on Wednesday and we had a glorious  time getting to babysit and be Nana and Papa.  It didn't take any time at all for her to make up with us and we loved her squeals of delight when we would come near.  She is absolutely a monkey and  clearly loves people -- children especially.  She waits to catch someone's eye and shows her toothless grin -- at that she's "got ya!"  Bethany said people will stop in the grocery store after getting a Campbell smile and tell her that she gave them something they truly needed that day!   That's what our girls did for us!

Nana's gonna teach this girl to sew. . .

It was just last Spring Break that I was sewing feverishly for Campbell Hope's nursery and just 12 months later what a miracle we have received!!!!
I got to   sew ruffles and girlie tops for our little sweetie!

Playing with Momma's first Christmas toy!
Checking out Momma and Uncle Marshall's toys

Campbell is all about giving the "high five"!
Practicing crawling by working out on the stairs

She is really into feeding herself

She even recognized Nanna in her book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"!

Teething on her favorite thing -- the remote!
C and her Papa are big buddies

Prettiest flower in our garden

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