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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Colorado Bound!

Waiting to board at KC airport . . .
Every time we get an airport pic of this child she has this thrilled look on her face -- Campbell's already quite the traveler and her mommy and daddy say she loves the whole process -- endures safety clearance -- loves the flight and coos and goos the whole trip -- grinning at all the other passengers!  'Wish travel were that easy on the rest of us.

The kids are getting together for some "end of winter / bring on Spring" skiing --Katie txt'd yesterday to say how much she'll miss us.  Ooooooh how we'd love to be there in the middle of all their stories and the teasing I guess this trip we'll have to experience vicariously through their pictures-

So glad that Jim and Jan, Mat's folks will be able to spend the weekend with them-- Bethany's gonna be relaxing with Baby C at the lodge--  Mat & Marshall love the black slopes -- Katie loves to snowboard  -- Be safe --Don't forget to wear a helmet! -- you've got a lot riding on those two skinny boards you call skis.

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