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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been a week!!!   I’ve heard the saddest stories of rejection from my students and I’VE HAD IT  with parents who launch their children – walk away from their families or toss their kids out of the nest --long before they can handle it.  I came home yesterday with “Friday Fatigue” that was tinged with the feelings of despair – “WHAT CAN  I DO TO MAKE UP FOR THIS SHORTFALL IN MY STUDENT'S LIVES???”  Every day I see teens left out while parents start new lives without considering their kids or have become over-involved in their careers  – I see the depression and  hear their despair in the stories they tell ---  These are Kids who’ve given up on their academic work this close to the end of the year because they no longer think it’s important.. . .they don’t think  THEY’RE ALL THAT IMPORTANT --and many make poor decisions that they reap harsh consequences for a long time.
BUT ON THURSDAYS . . . my hope is reborn. . .
70-100 kids crowd in my room for lunch – and I never quite know how where they or the Lord will take us– I thrilled to hear their stories last week of what they’d experienced with God during  their Spring Break mission efforts and where they’d seen Him work at home during this break in their busy lives.

This week 2nd lunch bunch decided it was time for a YA (Youth Alive) Praise Day --- seeing them get lost in the wonder of praise  --  one girl playing her djimbai – one girl’s sweet voice matching one of the guy’s – hearing another of my third hour guys on his guitar – didn’t know he was so gifted.  My classroom was different after they left -- The Spirit of God was there. . .

And then on my tired drive home. . .

God sent me a sweet reminder that HE's in His Heaven and loves ALL His kids SO VERY MUCH !!!

Okay --Okay--  I do HAVE to add the video clip -- (notice how "tuned in" to the other kids Campbell is.)

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