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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I so love the regeneration and resurgence of life that comes in Spring --- I've said that a lot here lately in various ways . . .

  I love lambs -- especially this time of year --if we were sheep herders we'd know it is lambing season----
This year I wanted  Campbell to have a stuffed lamb -- because I LOVE lambs --- they remind me  . . .

It's Passover and it's -- 

It's time for Celebration of the Resurrection

-- you can't do either without a lamb!!!!

In the days of Moses, Passover was celebrated with the sacrificing of the family's best, blemish-free, less than a year old -- lamb
            later . . .

John announced Jesus with the words,

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!"


. . . . sheep stink.

   . . . sheep can be dumb and defenseless . .  hmmmm . . . . sound like they're needing a good Shepherd.

 but why a lamb?  . . . 

Where does this all fit into the Redemption story???   How can the Shepherd of our souls ... also be called the pure spotless Lamb, laid down for us???

That's what I like about HIS story -- HE gets in the middle of it with us -- showing us HE knows what it's like to be us . . . and going one further -- making the way for us -- by taking on our sins -- as the LAMB SACRIFICE..and the only thing we have to do is:

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