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Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the Countdown

Let's see -- I'm making a list and checking it twice -- is it really only 13 days until Christmas????

I have already bought  all of my  gifts except for Terry's.  What to get a man who says he has everything he needs???  I need to stuff the Christmas cards and ready them for mailing -- can't believe I'm getting them out before Christmas!!! Mine is usually the last card of the season to arrive Jan. 2nd or 3rd.'Think having Campbell Hope pictures to send was my push to get them out on time.

 --Never been a grandma on Christmas before -- We gave Campbell her gift early --  but I do HAVE to HAVE SOMETHING for her to unwrap (like at 6 mos. she'll really notice ).

Five more days of school --

The Mock Wedding was a success  on Friday -- .--- our gals were radiant and the guys were  "gussied up" great, as well. 

Terry preached his best wedding ceremony -- and it was only a fake wedding!

 -- the cakes turned out beautifully --As we put the finishing touches on the icing on Thursday in preparation for Friday's wedding, one student confided, "Mrs. Bell I have to admit, I didn't think it would turn out this nicely. I confessed -- I felt the same way -- and always have to pray, "Lord make this look better than I could."
--- the messy spare classroom decorated beautifully.  I had given the students several tubs of flowers, ribbon, lights and garlands and said, "make it look good".  They outdid themselves!!!

This week is the end of the semester and so that means review, final exams, grades and 70 students to help complete sewing projects.

Our Christmas Special . . .

--- A favorite for me --  helping  my Super Kids with  the Christmas presentation the Sunday before Christmas.  There's a few more tiny wise men to make head gear and costumes for -- and 13 kids to help learn their lines.  This year's message is Searching for Jesus.  Can't wait to see those little preschoolers with their telescope and outlandish velvet turbans I made. 

I'm so eager to head to Denver on the 22nd to be with our family . . . I enjoy the time in the car with my man -- we talk excitedly all the way out and then live in the afterglow of it all the whole trip home.
I got this pic on my phone Friday reminding me that in less than two weeks she'd be seeing me for the holidays!

'So many reasons I love this season
-- in all the preparations -- and the hustle and bustle -- I still feel God calling me back to the simplicity of it all . . . .a tiny baby -- born in an outback stable -- to two very poor parents -- it's kinda like finding the KING of the WORLD in a homeless shelter or to a couple sleeping in their car.  So much power, So much love, so much promise, so much HOPE came from God's baby. . .

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