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Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's been my word this year -- I'm sort of obsessed with it -- we're doing our Ladies' study on Sunday nights using the Women of Faith Conference "Irrepressible HOPE"- --  I kind of describe HOPE as that light that keeps burning inside -- in my mind's eye I'm seeing ET's finger when it would light up -- only HOPE is always lit -- it's always continues --

God used some key words on HOPE that gave me just that,  from Romans, "And HOPE does not disappoint us, because HE has poured out his love for us in Jesus Christ.

Now there abides three things:  faith, HOPE and love . . . I Cor. 13

I discovered my new favorite thing this year in Wal-Mart -- a coffee mug that simply says, "HOPE"

Jesus was called the HOPE of Israel.

I wanted this theme of HOPE to be all over our childrens' Christmas presentation.

Isn't that what keeps us going
   . . . . what fuels our efforts . . .
      .  .  .and what brings us through dark days?

 I believe that for this time in our lives the sending of HIS Baby is what brings HOPE to the world.

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