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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Haze

Headed home Tuesday  from a sweet and wonderful holiday. So many  memories of it all:  

 > going the longer route through KC to get a little extra time with Campbell and her mommy and daddy. . .  'such a gift to have  her with us this Christmas so wonderfully healthy. . .  witnessing a special moment between Bethany and her daddy
Reading a new book from Erica before we hit the road on Wed. am

C heading to the airport on Wed. night

> Enjoying girl's lunch out on Thurs. --what fun way to kick off the holiday before all the cooking and kitchen prep-- and yea!!! their lounging pants with the monogrammed pockets all fit.

> and lunch out on Friday
Lunch at the Cherry Cricket

Bell men competition: Marshall: 10 water buffalo / Terry: 2

Christmas Eve again this year at Marshall's house

> Getting in some great "Campbell" time
it was hard to get her  food to her quickly enough
holiday relaxing for both of us!


>Enjoying such wonderful hospitality with Mat's parents. . . 

This gift was a hit with these 2 Bronco fans!

>Seeing these two dads/grandads always deep in conversation

learning fly-fishing from a PRO!

There's always so much for us two Jan's to catch up on

>Realizing Marshall is so happy in his transplant rotation -though it has such crazy hours.
>Getting to know his girlfriend, Katie and "dog-sit" Callie

Whenever he could join us, Marshall had  C

Everything was a photo op!

Yearly tradition:  Father / Daughter Fudge Pie

"Uncle Marshall see my swirly girly skirt!"

practicing her jumping reflex

>Watching Marshall savor the few hours he got to be with family . . . and making sure Campbell got to know her Uncle 

>Observing these two manage their holiday and baby schedule -- they did an awesome job -- keeping C rested and on schedule -- dividing her time with both families and even sharing a few moments with each other --
In all the holiday hub-bub - sometimes a little girl just needs her daddy
One tired teething baby

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