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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here's What 38 Years of Marriage Will Get Ya' . . .

I'm pretty good at saying  da, da, da, da

It has been a treasured weekend of cuddling, reading books and sharing.  Terry and I will celebrate 38 years of marriage on Thursday -- and it seemed the perfect way to enjoy the occasion!!!  Campbell Hope has changed so much since Christmas and we've had a ball catching up with her and of course, her mommy and Daddy!

Did they tell you I just turned 7 months?
Pappa's always got a new game!

Harley wants in on the fun.

They say I look just like my momma at this age

Testing out my legs . . Mamma used to stand in Pappa's hands

I didn't want to nap in my crib, so Nana had a better idea.

I got a feeling this pictures gonna end up in a frame on Nana's desk

naps over . . ..

time to cuddle!

Looks like Pappa needs some help with his spelling. . . . hmmmm

Then I headed to a birthday party with my daddy.

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