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Friday, October 1, 2010


Except you become as a little child . . . . 

I watched Roman and Paislee playing on the little berm behind the childrens' center the other evening. They were rolling down the hill --
              ----chasing the kite and blowing bubbles from the bottle of super bubbles I'd found at the dollar store --
                          - - -Giggling and full of wonder with each new discovery . . . their laughter was like music to me --
                            I got caught up in the whole experience.   I looked in their little cherub faces and saw God at work -- we were outside to enjoy all of His creation and I was seeing it reflected in their faces.

I already see this child-like awe and adoration in my granddaughter's face as she looks  at her momma and responds to her every grin and expression . . . singing along with every note she hears.Campbell Hope's face is reflecting Bethany's love for her.
There's a phrase that has intrigued me for some time . . ."the glory of God in the face of Christ”. . .    In Christ we see God's reflection --

We don't have a visual of Jesus --but do you think maybe we just might get a glimpse of Him reflected from these angel faces?

. . .I want to know Him so very well and feel his love so deeply that my face does that same kind of reflecting.

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