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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God Never Left

I have been glued to the television as much as I could rightfully do so and still teach school for the past 24 hours.
I went to sleep praying for all 33 to come to surface and can now thankfully say, "Thank YOU God, they're all back from the deep!"

The stories of faith and heroism make me cry.

  >The 19 year old who said there were 34 of us down there-- not 33 -- God never left us!

>The desperate wife who went after the policeman with a skillet when she thought they were abandoning the search and rescue on day 9 before the miners had ever been located.

>The 63 yr. old spiritual leader who was the 9th one to surface who went to his knees and thanked his God that he had arrived home safely.

>The little girl who stood with a hands clutching a dozen Brazillian helium balloons and released them when she hugged her father.

>Singing, "Chi, Chi, Chi,  -- lee, lee, lee",  flags flying, soccer balls tossing, this spirited nation, proudly welcomed home their heroes.

>We kept up with the miners through the day in my classroom with a telecast played on my Smartboard, pulling life lessons from excerpts of news clips that were shared about each man --

>One man said God and the devil were there and God won!!!

>One tiny baby girl, Ezperanza (Hope)  born while her daddy was away has her daddy home safe tonight.

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