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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday was a day with many different twists, turns and surprises. My lesson plans for the day included Marinelle and I trading classes for three hours while I monitored her students taking their end-of-instruction tests on-line in the computer lab. My other two class periods were to be spent giving a wedding-prep lab.

During the three days before my student's mock wedding, there are so many different jobs to do--- Tuxes to fit in the band office --a least two trips to the bridal shop in Collinsville to outfit brides and bridesmaids --cakes to bake and decorate-- an empty classroom to convert into a wedding chapel and tables to decorate to resemble a real wedding reception.

I was in my own little "Home-Ecky haze", trying to get it all done and was totally clueless as to what is going on just out of sight. I noticed that during two hours Marinelle's class disappeared to the library. They were giving their child development reports in the classroom one minute and all of a sudden they were gone. When I questioned her about it -- she said the library served as a really good place for their presentations. Near the end of the day the principal came in to the computer lab where I was monitoring Marinelle's kids and said he needed me at a meeting in the library right after school.
I had a long list of things to do at 2:30 with taking girls up to All Dolled Up Prom and Bridal in Collinsville. I told him I'd be late as Terry was coming to help my "student-turned-pastor" prepare to preach the wedding ceremony. I knew I shouldn't keep my boss waiting and decided that I'd best hurry -- figuring that since tomorrow is a faculty meeting, maybe he wanted me to prepare something to serve at it.

As I walked into the library I notice Marinelle there -- with several of my teacher friends who yelled "Surprise!"and welcomed me to my Surprise 60th birthday party all done up in Grandma theme!!! (Since my birthday is still almost a month away I was really shocked!

There was an inflatable walker, all sorts of age cuties like fingernail clippers
with a magnifying glass attached, the usual Milk of Magnesia and cranberry juice --

I got grandma things -- like bibs, baby toiletries to keep at Nana's house, and even the cutest little outfit!!!
A big gift was a mattress for the crib that I bought at a garage sale 3 weeks ago!!!!

Marinelle and Linda had carried the theme so well -- even ordering a Merritt's Red Velvet cake! with the exact same polka dots that I'd been sewing for Bethany's nursery. The punch was yummmmmmy good (Fresca and Raspberry sherbet -- 'gotta remember that one!) I am so blessed and appreciate my great friends at work for making this one huge 60TH SURPRISE birthday/ GRANDMA SHOWER!

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