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Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Favorite Mom Memory Do You Have?

We taught Bible Moms to Super Kids in Sunday School today -- explaining that Moms helped us grow to be like Jesus. We shared the verse, "We are the aroma of Christ" and said that Moms help us to be that "aroma".

Eunice and Lois were the ladies we spent most of our class time talking about today.
--both mother and grandmother who taught the Apostle Paul's young mentoree, Timothy. Like a large number of children today, so many of the kids I work with at school are being taught and impressed by the grandparents who are raising them.
These ladies passed on faith to their son and grandson.

Since flowers give off aroma and using the aroma verse-- we potted plants in these cute little baskets and made tissue paper flowers for the handle. With toddlers and primaries it proved to be pretty busy and required all three of us to be hands-on to keep dirt off the floor and flowers in the pot.

I asked them to tell me what sayings they remember their Moms always saying. I went first and told them my Mom always said, "Remember who you are!" (To a kid it sounded like I had some adolescent alzheimers). One little girl said her Mom says, "get out of the garage" another said, "Don't get the dog worked up!" (She has a new puppy)

What do you remember your mother saying?

More than her sayings I would remember what Mom did -- How she'd decorate for every holiday except ground hog day. I can still see her praying for the longest time and getting up early to study her Bible. I remember how she taught preschool for 35 years and worked so hard on preparing her lessons.

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