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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Year -- Goodbye Class of 2010!

The Class of 2010 is on their way and if we'd kept them a second longer I believe they would have imploded. My last class hugged me on the way out the door as I wished them a happy life and told them to remember to make careful choices, (or my usual weekend warning "don't do anything stupid") and them promising to come back to visit.

. . .I wonder what will they become? What significant things will they accomplish? There were those in this group of students who "pushed my buttons", those who caused me to work harder, practicing more patience and those who restored my faith in this generation.

One girl who was in both of my classes came back with something she'd written to me -- there were a few thank you notes some had to write for an English assignment --
a German foreign exchange student who barely said a word the whole year stopped by Tuesday after school to talk and talk and talk -- telling me living in America had brought her out of her shyness -- no kidding.

Students gone, today was teachers day to pack it all away -- seems like a couple of months ago I was unpacking and setting up for the 09-10 term...has it been 10 whole months since I started with my usual -- "I'm here to help you thrive -- not just survive"? -- Lord, may they do just that-- thrive -- make the right choices -- choose the right person -- follow their dreams using the talents You gave them.

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