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Sunday, May 23, 2010

R & R & R - Renewal & Refreshing & Relaxing

Terry and I are taking a much appreciated sabbatical for about 3 weeks and we started this weekend with a short get away to work / relax and wind up my school and get his summer started.

It's weird how just being out of your element can make you stop and take notice of things -- or help you remember what you're really all about.

Yesterday we sat at Lake Hefner in OKC and watched parasailing and later talked about what it would take to get us UP in one of those things now at our age. Remembering a time when TB did some sort of surfing/snorkeling.

Of course we did my favorite -- people watching. I even like to listen in on their conversations.

We found our favorite Indian Restaurant was still open and still serving the best Masala Dosa.

We did a WIFI stop at Panera's to catch up on our e-mails and get a quick green tea fix.
We made a late night run to Borders and just walked through the stacks finding weird and unusual books.
We watched MOVIES -- one of which got interupted and we missed the ending -- bummer -- now we have to rent it. Blindside is a must see -- Avatar -- okay if you're in to that stuff.

We ate the yummiest sandwiches on dark wheat buns at the old Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK

and found our next R & R vehicle parked out front. (Just Kidding) -- Bethany has already said Campbell can't fit in it. Terry has already decided that 3 days with me in a camper that small and we'd both be crazy!!

I'm so looking forward to time with friends this summer. when I'm not living 5 days a week on a lesson plan schedule -- thinking up review and wrap-up questions for the day's activities -- Which brings me to the major highlight of it all -- welcoming our Baby Campbell Hope -- as her momma says, THE SOONER THE BETTER !! Of course, we want her healthy and strong -- so all of us are willing to wait.

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