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Monday, May 3, 2010

Announced by an Angel

It was a special time on Sunday when two of our Super Kids, Tyler and Travis Johnson were baptized in the creek close to the Church building. They had talked about it for some time with their Mom and Dad and then discussed it with Terry. They are so much fun to teach. They're the kind of guys who listen with their heart, as well as their ears, quietly taking it all in. Terry and I have enjoyed watching them grow, appreciating their parent's training.

Little sister, Tiffany has quietly followed in their footsteps and has not really made up with any of us until last week when she decided that Mrs. Katrina was her favorite teacher and that she really did love Sunday school. At that point she decided the rest of us were pretty safe people and open to conversation. Yesterday she walked up to Letha, and said quite proudly,
"My boys are getting abitized today!

(Tiffany at Christmas)

The creek was cold and a bit muddy as our church family stood on the bridge and saw "Tiffany's boys" accept Jesus as their Savior and take that step of baptism, giving their lives to their Lord.

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