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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Bethany and Mat have been training in the Kansas heat, running in rain, snow and subfreezing temperatures. . . uphills and with tendinitis from their run last month in 6 inches of snow for 18 miles.

During her Chicago marathon -- Mat and I were worried at mile 23 when we couldn't find her after waiting on a bridge in the heat for over an hour. We'd seen her at mile 17 and she told us then that they had run out of water.
As we jumped on subway trains and hurried on foot block to block --with bottles of water and Gatoraid Mat said this would be the last time he would let her run a race without him.

In her blog, Bethany mentions how often verses come to her mind and keep her at it as she runs.

The Apostle Paul's words come to my mind now -- "I have finished the race!" You see Bethany didn't get to finish the entire 26 miles in Chicago in 07 when the race was called because of the heat. Her goal was to run a complete 26 -- My prayer was for her legs and lungs to be strong as she and Mat crossed the finish line together. MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED WITH A DEFINITE "YES!!!"

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  1. Did you buy that picture? I need to check those out again... I love that pic!


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