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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Every Thirty Years . . .

My mother used to tailor and design her own clothes and all of ours, for that matter, even my dad's sport coats. I often heard her say "Every 30 years fashion repeats itself. If you hold on to your clothes long enough they will come back in style". Now I don't know anyone who would want to have that jacket or pair of pants hanging around that long . . . but when you examine trends not only in fashion, but in thought and life patterns I see this to be true. Young moms again are considering cloth diapers, staying home with their children longer before returning to careers and some even making their own baby foods. We did that 30 years ago. Remember diaper pails and baby food grinders?

In every age there emerges thoughts new to that group of young people as they each search to develop their lives and find their own way.

It makes me happy to see they are finding lasting fulfillment in family, in helping and supporting their communities and making the world a better place to live.

Life seems to come full circle -- whether it be every 20 years or 30. . . and the best trends return. . . others remain steadfast -
"Now abides faith, hope and love -- the greatest of these is love."

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