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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Making Memories

T and I look for any openings in our teaching schedules to get to CO to see our Colorado Kids.  Memorial Day weekend as we left Church -we loaded our bags and the dog in the car -- and headed West.

We loved on the kids for 3 solid days - Thanks to careful prepping on Marshall and Katie's part, Clara makes up with us quickly -- Pawpaw is still her favorite I do have to admit.

Charlie is growing rapidly and is so quick to grin and focus on every word we say.  It was hard to put him down the whole time I was there.

Katie says he looks like Terry --

We spent lots of porch time -- the weather was cool and these two littles are outdoors kids already!

Clara has been overseeing her daddy's building project of a play house for her in the back yard.

Katie and I made our regular trip to IKEA and got caught in a traffic jam -- due to a fuel truck fire on I-25

Marshall and Katie are terrific hands-on parents and their babies are thriving!

Clara's favorite is Curious George and she enjoys sharing him with baby brother.

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