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Friday, June 16, 2017


I bought my mom this book one year for mother's day . . .she used to tell stories of the Brian clan and summers together at their grandmother's house.  I remembered this book as I was cleaning out space for our "Goodletts" to move in for our summer together..

I loved it because it described two families in an extended family that spent their summers together.
It was a sweet story of how they filled the house, shared their food and loved making memories .
Sort of like what we're looking forward to.  We want to spend one to one with each child -- have long talks about things that really matter -- like sloths, slugs and other of God's creatures, and enjoy lots of outdoor time in the sand castle.

God always hears my heart in  these matters. I had just been moaning to Him about the fact that with teaching, I was missing my Nana time at the kids special performances.  The very next day - Mat and Terry talked about making this a summer to remember while their home was being remodeled.
Moving Day in front of their "old" house
We've watched Bethany organize, toss, pack and get this move together for their family.  We're so glad they are able to leave for a family vacation before it all starts for them on June 5.

Mid-May I started the same -- getting rid of what we needed to cull.  Who needs 8 yr old cell phones?  I'm emptying closets - filling trash bags for Goodwill -- and tossing the rest.  People can't live on top of somebody elses' stuff!  It felt good to empty closets -- the question was -- where to put it???

We've been together for 10 days now and life is Good!  The past week has been afury of activity for them.trips to pick out all sorts of  building supplies and fixtures while trying to determine where that missing box or item is -- storage -- the new house or forgotten somewhere.

Birthday celebrating with all seven of us!!!

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