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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nana's Fav's

SOOO many fun times and cute videos of our five little cherubs!  Of course Easter is the perfect day for posing and grins -- but also a time of deep reflecting.

I spent Sat. morning going through the Resurection eggs with Sydney and Jack and explaining all that happened on that Friday that makes the eternal difference.  They had lots of questions.

Sunday morning -- Bethany texted this picture:
Dear THE EASTER BUNNY -- Easter isn't about candy or YOU - RESPOND - Campbell

Campbell is a normal 7 yr. old that would have sweets as their own food group -- but she has captured the true meaning of Easter --

Clara rocks this slide we got her for her first birthday!

The kids continue to love the two cars that we re-purposed from our neighbor's garage sale.  Jack calls the jeep "MINE" and does a pretty good job of driving it when he finds it abandoned by the girls.

Jack has grown so much this Spring.  I welcome any chance I get for him to sit on my lap.  
He loudly echos anything he hears from the girls and watches them for all his cues

Meanwhile, our CO babies are growing and glowing!

Charlie's one month check up has him at 10# 4 oz

Big sister with a steadying hand is still amazed by him and thinks he's a pet.  She's learned to drag the bassinet over to the coffee table and has tried a face plant over the top of him.

She LOVES to face plant and can quickly cover the steps to the basement by making herself a bullet and zipping down the stairs.

Birthday season was launched with cookie cake and 3 little decorators for Bethany's birthday on the 18th.
Jack loves "fire" as he calls birthday candles and cries to be able to blow out your cake with sputters spits and a loud roar.

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