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Thursday, June 22, 2017


In all my sorting our office and settling upstairs I came across various remembrances from my Dad.

First thing I found was a gas rationing card from WWII era - there was a favorite picture of my dad that was always in our living room and lastly was the opening page of one of his reference books that he would study preparing for adult Sunday School.

I loved my dad's handwriting - always so exacting-- a lot like my Dad.  Careful in the way that he lived -- leading the Church -- setting goals for us kids to achieve a college education at a Christian school--guiding us with those Sat morning talking times at the breakfast table..

So many memories came rushing back as I found these 3 treasures.  .  . the legacy of faith he left us . . . the courage he had as he faced debilitating illness in his remaining years.
I want our grands to know this man of strength and courage.   I love you, dad!

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