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Friday, July 14, 2017


I miss my mom.

Fourteen years ago yesterday, Mom went to Heaven.  You know it's been a long time when you realize you've posted all your favorite pictures and there will never be any recent "favs" to post.

So many little remembrances of her -- I found a necklace today-- #1 Grandma -- how she loved that role she filled in the lives of her six grands.  I understand that a whole lot better now.

I've thought of her so often this summer as I have soaked up this time together. . . thinking how she'd laugh at Sydney's quick tell-it-like-it-is retorts -- "You smell like a wet diaper" as I passed her in the kitchen after walking and working outside in the heat.

She 'd be caught up with Campbell's mind  that questions everything coming up with some pretty deep thoughts --
After sobbing with loneliness for her parents when they were gone last week -- she responded to my comforting with "but love is deep".  It would make her proud that Campbell is seriously considering baptism.  The other day when I told her she was doing a great job speaking more kindly to her momma -- she came back with -- "I'm practicing real hard so I can be baptized"

Mom always loved an ornery boy and she'd adore Jack's sweet impish smile and giggle -- that lets him get by with sooo much.

She’d be caught up with Clara’s sweet little personality and her daddy’s adoration of her and  Charlie’s  laid back - chill attitude.

We have a keepsake treasure- a miniature baby nursery that the cancer-ridden husband of Terry’s secretary, Bryan Handley made for Bethany before her birth.  He never lived to meet Bethany – but would spend long nights awake building this little nursery. We have kept it all these years.    It has always been of special interest to Sydney.
She’s a natural mommy – always carrying her baby doll and talks and coos lovingly to her. She has fallen in love with this keepsake and yesterday we found Mom’s miniature collection that I had been saving.  This collection had so many little pieces that were just perfect for the nursery.  Sydney plays with it several times a week and chatters a whole make-believe scenario of this tiny world.  Mom would thrill to know one of her Great-grands was having such a wonderful time with the craft items she never parted with.
Mom kept herself busy - always creating and making something. She taught herself to do so many things and even taught us to build things.  
I so respect the way that in her later years she would get up early and read the Bible for hours.  She was always busy about something.
So much has happened in the 14 years since you left us, Mom-- all six of your grands has married and between them - -- given you 11 great grands.  These six are fantastic mommies and daddies and married really wonderful spouses!

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