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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Waiting . . .

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Bible class last week  was a strong dose of WAITING from John 11 – where Mary and Martha had to wait two days on Jesus to come heal their brother who in the meantime died.  No where does it say they came to see what the delay was or ask to be put at the head of His healing list.   Our teacher gave a great parallel to our time of waiting in faith on Jesus answer to our prayers.  I could understand it in the spiritual day-to-day realm of deep needs –BUT it seemed the hours since have been one test of waiting after another. Not an hour later after leaving that class I encountered a  LONG 25 minute wait at Best Buy who brags on NO WAITS if you make an appointment.  
I decided most of this summer's agenda has been about THE WAIT

. . . WAITING to adjust to the medications and for my energy to return and the achiness to stop.

. . .WAITING for the heat index to get below 90 degrees and Fall breezes to clear the summer doldrums.

. . .WAITING to find out what I am teaching and what my schedule looks like for next year.

. . . WAITING for the Social Security to get Terry's account straightened out (and the waits in that office are long enough)

. . .WAITING for my phone to be fixed - and my computer repaired -- within days of each other

. . .WAITING for the plumber to get my kitchen sink back in working order after a 4-day break (don't know how Bethany did it without her kitchen 4 months!!!)

Thursday our wait took  the form of a storm that knocked out our power for 6 hours -- I can't complain -- several around us were without for 2-3 days.  But 5 hours into it -- I was DONE!!!
With no phone and stress rising -- Terry decided it was time to take me to the Apple Store to check out my phone -- better that than be stuck with a whiney wife.

Something about Wednesday's class magnified that so much of life involves waiting and being patient -- knowing Jesus best purpose is to grow us up in faith.

The Bible reminds us that God is patient- not wanting any of us to miss eternity with Him. . . 

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