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Monday, July 18, 2016

Kids University

Kids University has been a special mission of our entire family for five years.   The past 18 months of health issues caused us to downsize in late 2015 - early 2016,  Our efforts focused on the children of the mothers who attend the class led by one of the KU moms.  We serviced 8-10 instead of our usual 20-40 children.  As summer arrived the kids in our neighborhood began to come  in larger numbers.  It was terrific to see kids from previous years. . . it was clearly more than Terry and I could manage on our own,  Lora Obert-Thorn and her husband Keith stepped up to help.

Both our kids and their spouses have supported this effort from the first day.  This summer Bethany and Campbell have joined us to help with our increasing group of students and Mat and Sydney plan to come help this week.  Answered prayer:  we have been blessed with many needed workers and moms of Bethany's friends are joining us to have a fantastic July.  Another project - Mustard Seed led by Cori Lyon is helping the children of our attending moms have the necessary school uniforms and supplies they are needing.

Jesus and Art with Ms. Robin

What foundations are you standing on?  Our 4 core values are: Trustworthiness, Service, Hard Work and Respect
Serving Others: Sewing for the Homeless

These are just a few pictures of our Wednesday night activities.  Please click the link below to get a history of these special kids.  You may want to check out previous years when our community garden was in full swing.

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