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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

You have always kept a tight schedule - with so many things going at once -- but your "Daddy time was always precious to you. You'd come in from work and the kids would come running.
You always wanted your day off to be all about family and every preaching / teaching trip was a chance for our family to draw closer and be together.  We'd load up the van - make beds in the back for the kids to sleep (pre-car seat days) and head off on a family road trip.

Car Derby - not a successful as Marshall would have liked
Bethany's Miss Whiteside Award

You loved hitching up the trailer and taking us all over the US and Canada!

You made all our trips an adventure (Cancun-Mother's Day 1993
mom with a sprained ankle - spent afternoon in Mexican ER- after stepping in a hole along the shore.)
Niagara Falls
Lake Brownwood, TX - big styrofoam block you made for a float
You led our kids to Christ

 and took them to many mission outposts (worshipping in secret in Budapest - behind the iron curtain)

Traveling with a group from Hillcrest Church to Mexico City (24 hour trip)

always reminding them how important being with our extended family is as FAITH and FAMILY are the two core values you helped to instill

Happy Father's Day to the man who has shown us the world . . .

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