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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Celebration Weekend - A 15 Year Journey

It all began a long time ago -- when Marshall entered OSU in 2001 and chose pre-med as his course of study.

Fall Semester of  Junior Year in Northern British Columbia - getting ready for the MCAT - so he headed home in December - surprised us a day early by hiding upstairs under the bed and shocked Bethany and me speechless.

St. Francis ER Rotation Pre-Medical School
Medical School Acceptance 2005

Moving to OU Medical and White Coat Ceremony

Med School Graduation and on to Univ Of CO for Residency

Two Year Research Rotation

5 Year Surgery Residency

5th Year Chief Resident
4th year Rowanda Rotation
Residency Gift

Proud Momma and Dad - thankful for all God is doing and has done in his and Katie's lives

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