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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Birthdays -- C & Me

We're almost birthday buddies -- Campbell and I.
Tuesday was C's and last Saturday my first celebration got kicked off with brunch in Denver at Darcy's with Katie, Marshall, Clara and Terry.  (Terry has always said I had to have a birth MONTH instead of birth DAY.)

I got this precious video from Campbell & Sydney

Marshall has been promising me a ride on his Harley

My Harley Happy B'Day Joy Ride

Tuesday was Campbell's friend party -- Sydney happily filled me in on all the info explaining that big sis got two parties -- a "friend party" and a "family" one.  She was a perfect little sis happy for her big sister the whole day.  (S waits 5 more months for her special day)

We wrapped up 6 days of birthday celebrations with a dinner together on Thursday night.

Birthdays for this Nana just get better and better.  I loved being able to celebrate this year with all 4 Grands!

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