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Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Fav's

It's time to post my favorite pics before they get lost in the huge collection on my phone and my computer

Jack faces each new challenge with a grin and a giggle -

Reflux problems --- wearing a helmet --- eye patches and NOW ---

Glasses . . . He's not so crazy about them but oh well, they will help his eye strength

We got to take the girls to Shrek: The Musical at OHS.  We had dinner at their favorite chincese restaurant and then on to the play.
The girls were all caught up in it -- though
Sydney did fall asleep in the second half
Campbell has been accepted to Metro Christian next year as a kindergartener.   Her response, "All my hard work paid off!"

These 3 spend so much time outide. Momma says that and letting Jack  brush his teeth 5 times a day is the only way she can keep his glasses on him.

Sitting pretty at 6 months old this morning! 
 Clara is loving books, Josie her rubber giraffe and Callie her dog.

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