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Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy 6 Months Clara Mary!

Being your Nana and Papa long distance is hard - we don't get to be in on ALL your special moments.  You've grown so quickly and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pics we get of you from your mommy and daddy.
But . . . it's just not the same as being WITH you!

Here you are at Day 1 - brand spanking new & so precious 

You have always been so relaxed and laid back . . . 

Thanksgiving 2015
You and momma are such great buddies!
Your kid-size chair like your cousins!

You and your daddy lookin' so much alike

You already love books -- big.books!

Teethin' seems to always have been an issue

All prim and proper!

Lookin' like your Daddy's baby pictures

Your momma and daddy made sure your cousins had an ice cream truck when they were babies, too!

Lookin' like your momma!

This spoon is a bit large for baby cereal . . . 

Clara, your smile is so contagious 
such a part of who you are!

You bring us all joy!

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