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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Step 2

Wednesday I have reconstruction surgery. We're so far from where we were this time last year!
I am still humbled by those who wear the "Joy for Jan" blue bands.
Terry continues to wear his each and every day and this week my principal showed me that he is continuing to wear his with most of the letters faded.  My friend Sherry is wearing her's at Disney World this week ---several in our Church family are still wearing theirs as well.

My dear friend Marinelle is coming out of retirement and driving 2 hours to be able to take my classes for 3 days.  I am SOOOO BLESSED!

God IS and HAS BEEN my strength in all of this.  I don't have to be afraid - he's guiding this process!  I love that passage in Isaiah 49 - which reminds me I'm engraved on the palms of His hands - not because I'm so wonderful - but b/c HE is LOVE.

Prayers now, please for a teacher friend, Lisa, fighting the battle I fought last year with the treatment regimen.

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