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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Step 2 - Complete

Six hour surgery by a VERY particular doctor and I got to come home late afternoon on Wednesday.
I had heard that my doctor could take a very long time getting it just right so I warned Terry if he didn't hear anything for a while not to worry. .  . after 5 1/2 hours he was beginning to worry.  
I've seen "God-stops all along the way and when I was wheeled into surgery my Nurse Anesthetist was Marshall's high school friend's wife - Jillian Moore.  We caught up as I was drifting off to sleep -- just one of those things to take away my dread of one more time having to go under the knife.

The pain isn't as intense as last time - though I do need the meds.
Healing is supposed to happen more smoothly -- so for now - I'm reading and taking it easy.
Happy Spring Break!

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