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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I loved a song in my early years . . .

                        Keep so busy servin' my Jesus
                               Keep so busy servin' my Jesus

                               Keep so busy servin' my Jesus

                                     Ain't got time to die!!! 

                       It takes all of my time to praise my Jesus

                            All of my time to praise my LORD
                     If I don't praise him -- the rocks are gonna' cry out
                                              GlORY AND HONOR
                                             GLORY AND HONOR

                                                                 Ain't got time to die.

I was thinking of this song one day after a fun time of teaching Sunday school when I told Terry that when I see Jesus -- I want to know that I have totally exhausted the gifts HE has given me.

But in all my DOING ---  I want PRAISE to have prominence.
 . . What is it that in all the doing -- and being so BUSY for HIS BUSINESS -- that we lose our PRAISE?   Maybe even get a little grumpy while we're DOING?  It's like we lose sight of the UPPER STORY.  

Notice that the REAL business in this song is PRAISING.

That last week on Sunday they were praising Jesus and by Thursday they wanted him dead!!!  I dare say in both crowds were some of the same on-lookers -- who just couldn't make up their minds . . . so easily swayed.

--  I love reading everything Jesus did His last week on earth -- cursing the fig tree -- healing -- teaching -- covering all the bases for the passover meal with his closest.

 Jesus knew what was ahead -- yet at dinner, He took time to affirm and serve them.  They were clamoring to be the best in His Kingdom and at that time He knew that in the coming months and years their lives would be forever turned upside down in Kingdom Living. He gently washed the feet of  the men would change the world. 

In this Passion Week -- may we slow down to PRAISE

It's the language of Heaven.

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